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Backpack or Messenger Bag for 4Th Grader?

N.Y. asks from Dallas

Sorry if this question sounds petty...but backpack or messenger bag (over the shoulder)? We've always bought my daughter the traditional backpack for school. She's ...


Backpack for Kindergarten Student

I.H. asks from Dallas

Hello Ladies! What is the best backpack for Kindergarten student (5 years old)?


Rolling Backpacks

L.S. asks from San Diego

My son is going into 2nd grade. This year he would like to have a rolling back-pack. I don't know where to begin to buy a good quality, durable, have enough room for...


Field Trip

A.M. asks from Rochester

My son has a field trip tomorrow...and I am worried about his lunch staying cold. He does not eat he will not eat PB&J if I put it in there. So I just p...


Rolling Backpacks

M.F. asks from San Francisco

I know this question came up in the past but I am looking for more recent advice. My daughter will be starting 4th grade and we are looking into getting her a rollin...



B.T. asks from Detroit

Would you monogram your child's backpack with their first name? Have you had safety issues? Am I being paranoid about this?!


What Size Backpack for Kindergarten?

T.M. asks from New York

Hello everyone. I was just wondering if any of you have any suggestions on what size backpack to buy for Kindergarten? I see all different sizes at the stores. The...


Getting Organized :)

A.B. asks from Spartanburg

I am not the most unorganized person in the world but I could definitely be better. We just moved right before Christmas and I have yet to get my house in order. Espe...


To Personalize or It Unsafe?

F.A. asks from New York

My son is starting kindergarten in the Fall. I'd like to get him a backpack and/or lunch bag with his name on it, or put a personalized kids' luggage tag on them. My ...


Backpack Dilemma

D.M. asks from Detroit

Ahhhhh! The choices are endless!! What do you all feel about the backpack issue. Most kids I know get a new one every year with the current superhero of choice. Howev...