Lunch Box & Thermos: LL Bean

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First Backpack!

A.R. asks from Seattle

My oldest daughter is starting kindergarten next month (so exciting!) I was wondering if I could get advice from all you mama's out there about what kind of backpack ...


Questions Regarding Daughter Starting Kindergarten

M.S. asks from Dallas

My daughter is starting kindergarten this fall and I have a few questions for moms of 1st or 2nd grade girls. This may seem strange but what kind of backpacks and lu...


Best Lunch Containers/thermos/cooler Bags for All Day Kindergarden?

S.Y. asks from Pittsburgh

I saw a segment on The Today Show that I can't find about food safety and the fact that so many cheap containers don't insulate our children's food well, thus risking...


Backpacks for Kindergarten

T.R. asks from Orlando

So I've been out shopping for a backpack for my DD for kindergarten, and I see two varieties really. One that seems useful and practical (to me) with zippered compart...


Lunch Ideas... 1St Grader Wants to Bring His Own Lunch to School.

C.H. asks from Chicago

Ok, so I have never had an option of bringing my own lunch to school and I figured since my son's school provides lunch and I just added money to his lunch card, I wa...


Have You Bought a TCP Backpack This Year?

M.D. asks from Corpus Christi

I found super cute backpacks online at The Childrens Place- Great sale going on today. However, after reading the reviews it seems that the quality is not as great a...


Looking for Kid-Friendly Back-packs

C.S. asks from Detroit

Hi Moms Does anyone know where I can find Kid-Friendly, PVC Free, or Eco Friendly Back-Packs for my 6 year old daughter. I have looked at various stores... Meijer, ...


Drink Cup for Preschooler?

A.V. asks from Washington DC

My DD will start preschool soon and doesn't have a sports bottle or sippy cup. She has sippy cups from her toddler days for drinks in the car, but they seem too babyi...


Is It Okay To ...........

M.D. asks from Pittsburgh

My 8 yr old daughter loves My Little Pony. I am fine with the fact that she loves the little figurines and watches the TV show. The problem arises when she is now p...


Lands End vs Llbean vs Pottery Barn Backpacks for Kids, Which One Is the Best?

A.D. asks from Seattle

I need to get a new backpack for my daughter and instead of just buying one from target again, I though I would initially spend more to get one that is of better qual...