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Cost of Living NY State?

M.F. asks from Fargo

We are possibly moving to northwestern NY and the cost of living is much higher. However we used to live in NH, that has a slightly lower cost of living than NY. I kn...


I Want to Repaint My Living Room!!!

B.S. asks from Lakeland

Hello my living room has been white for years. I have a blue variegated carpet and the furniture is maroon. I was thinking about making an accent wall also, but what ...


Cost of Living Vs. Salary

E.S. asks from New York

Today I signed up with a temp agency. This was of no surprise, but I was told to lower my hourly rate. I did the math and if I do land a job, I will almost halve my p...


Horrible Living Situation

H.B. asks from Seattle

Myself, my husband, and my 6 month old son are currently living with my mother and stepfather. We moved in with them so that I could be a stay at home mom and we cou...


Help with a Will and Living Trust

C.H. asks from Los Angeles

Hello, moms: this is my first time here. We are relatively new to LA and the south bay area. Could anyone recommend a professional who can help us set up a will an...


Frustration, Living with Parents

T.M. asks from Biloxi

I have been married to my wonderful husband for 3 yrs now. We've been living with my dad and step-mom because of money. We have been working on a house to move into. ...


Do You Love Living in Nashville?

R.W. asks from Nashville

My husband and I visited Nashville last summer for the first time and FELL IN LOVE!! We're seriously considering relocating our life to that area, and I'm wondering ...


doTerra Or Young Living

S.M. asks from Minneapolis

I've always been interested in e.o.'s but usually get them from the health food store, but only use mine in diffuser. Last month I was invited to a doTerra party but...


Toys in Your Living Room?

K.W. asks from Los Angeles

People with small children and small houses: do you allow toys in your living room? I have 2 preschoolers and a 2 bedroom apartment. My youngest is moving into a bi...


Assisted Living Homes

C.E. asks from Detroit

My DH and I are searching for an assited living facility for my MIL. You all have done right by us thus far with recommendations... can you recommend any places for ...