Living on their Own

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18 Year Old Daughter Living at Home

T.N. asks from Albany

I have a daughter who does absolutely nothing in the home. She expects the same treatments and privilages as her younger siblings. She acts irresponsible, is not w...


Who's Got Family Living in Other Countries and Schoolage Children.....????

D.C. asks from Dallas

Hi, I have to plan our next trip to visit my family in Germany..... Usually we go every other year around Christmas..... My dad's 70th birthday is in October...


Living with MIL, Need Encouragement, Advice!

V.R. asks from Portland

My husband and I and our four kids went packed up our things and moved to Mexico this past summer to be missionaries. Well, things didn't work out as planned and we...


Discipline for a 19-Year-old Girl Living at Home

B.B. asks from Pueblo

My daughter has had the same boyfriend on and off again for 4 years. To make a long story short, he's her "umbilical cord" to life. When things don't go right betwe...


Frustrated with Living Conditions While Expecting First Child

M.S. asks from Missoula

My Fiance's sister and her boyfriend currently live with us until they move in the spring. We are expecting our first child in February and i am getting frustrated b...


Looking for Info on Living in Niles And/or Skokie

C.K. asks from Chicago

Hello Moms! We are looking to move out of Chicago next year into a nearby suburb. Does anyone have any good or bad things to share about the schools and neighborhoo...


How Unpleasant Will Living in the House During Kitchen Renovation Be?

J.M. asks from Boston

We are doing a gut renovation of the kitchen. A few people have told me I should stay in a hotel for a few nights. This is not really in the budget but if it will be ...


Getting over Daughter Living in Another State...

D.S. asks from Atlanta

My daughter has been going to school in PA and has just graduated from college. She and her boyfriend both have good jobs up there, but I can't help feeling terrible...


My Adult Daughter Is Single, Living on Her Own, but Has Personal Debt.

A.M. asks from St. Louis

My daughter wants to get help from a financial consultant. However, she doesn't make enough money to pay her student loan. I would like to offer my advice in helpin...


Tremendous Guilt over Living in an Apartment Complex

D.F. asks from New York

I have an almost 2 yr old son and I live in an apartment complex with him. I am a stay home mom and everyday I feel a tremendous amount of guilt about not having a ba...