Living on their Own

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Staying Connected When Living Far Apart...

H.P. asks from New York

Hello Ladies... I am having a bit of a tough day today. I have been living in London since October, initially a tough transition, but now really enjoying it. We are...


Agh...Still Frustrated with Apartment Living..

K.K. asks from Washington DC

Hi there ladies. I am still frustrated with this apartment living situation. Maintenance showed up at my apartment banging on the door unexpectedly. They never called ...


Adult Child and His Family Living with Us........ and It Is Not Working!

S.M. asks from Lawton

I am hoping to get some good constructive criticism without nasty opinions........ Our situation started with good intentions. My husband and his son (from previou...


Neice Living with Us and Causing Stress

K.R. asks from Washington DC

Recently my 10 year old neice came to live with us due to family issues between her father and step-mother. My husband and I have 3 children ages 9, 6, and 3 adding a...


38 Year Old Brother Living with Us

J.P. asks from Tucson

So I'm 2 years younger than my brother, and I've been his fall back for as long as I can remember. Background - Married, have 14 y/o daughter. Hubby and I both wor...


Looking for an Assisted Living Home for Grandparents in the West Suburbs, Il.

C.F. asks from Chicago

Hi Everyone! I am looking for an assisted living facility in the western suburbs of Chicago, preferably Bloomingdale area (or within a 5-10 mile radius) for my grandp...


Seeking Advice from Moms with Adult Children Living at Home

M.P. asks from New York

I wonder if there are other Moms out there who have their adult children living with them (mid to late 20s in age), and said child not working and going to college ful...


Living in a Great, but Expensive Area Vs. Moving to a Place That's Less $$$$

O.L. asks from Los Angeles

Do you ever thinking about moving somewhere where the cost of living is significantly less, so that you can pay off your home or live without the stress? Has anyone ev...


Are You an Organ Donor? Living Donor? *Not Soliciting, Just Curious

M.G. asks from Seattle

Hi everyone, I am listed as an organ donor on my driver's license and am also thinking of becoming a living donor as well. I plan on speaking with my physicians to see...


Not Legally Seperated but Living Seperate and Husband Is Thinking of Reinlisting

B.H. asks from Seattle

Ok, not sure what this means for me good or bad. My husband, who is currenlty not living with us, is going to re-inlist in the Army. So what does this mean to me? Hes ...