Living on their Own: The First Years

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Horrible Living Situation

H.B. asks from Seattle

Myself, my husband, and my 6 month old son are currently living with my mother and stepfather. We moved in with them so that I could be a stay at home mom and we cou...


Toys in Your Living Room?

K.W. asks from Los Angeles

People with small children and small houses: do you allow toys in your living room? I have 2 preschoolers and a 2 bedroom apartment. My youngest is moving into a bi...


Married Couples Living Apart

B.D. asks from Wichita

Has anyone else seen some of the articles on married couples living apart? Does anyone else besides me LOVE the idea? Honestly, if my husband and I could afford it I ...


Apartment Living with Kids

N.A. asks from St. Cloud

I am looking for a place to live with my little boy and I am concerned about apartment living. However I do not see any way around it since I am single mom. At least ...


Living in Fear....

T.G. asks from Spartanburg

My son is considered a special needs baby. He was hospitalized the first 4 months of his life and has been on life support twice. He is functioning fine now.


Seeking Advice from Moms with Adult Children Living at Home

M.P. asks from New York

I wonder if there are other Moms out there who have their adult children living with them (mid to late 20s in age), and said child not working and going to college fu...


Single Mom and I Can't Afford Living in a Good Neighborhood- Any Tips?

V.L. asks from San Antonio

My ex and I separated two years ago. My daughter will be starting school next year and I am panicking because all of the good schools in my city are in neighborhoods...


21 Yr Old Daughter...getting Married; Living W/ Her Boyfriend

D.T. asks from Dallas

My 21 yr old daughter has been living w/ her boyfriend and his family for about a yr. She moved out at 18 basically because she felt like she shouldn't have any rule...


Getting over Daughter Living in Another State...

D.S. asks from Atlanta

My daughter has been going to school in PA and has just graduated from college. She and her boyfriend both have good jobs up there, but I can't help feeling terrible...


Need Advise on How to Get Child Used to Living with My Boyfriend.

C.A. asks from Dallas

When I entered my request, I never asked for any of your judgement. I have devoted the first five years of my daughter's life to just her. I believe that she deserves...