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Playpen Instead of Crib & Car Seat Handle Orientation

J.C. asks from Minneapolis

Hi ladies! I'm 28 weeks pregnant with my first baby and starting to think about buying stuff for the new baby. Its extremely overwhelming!! I have 2 major questions ...


Husband's 40Th B'day - Need Ideas for Gifts

B.L. asks from Atlanta

My husband will be 40 soon. I would like some ideas for gifts. We are 1st time parents. Not only would I like some ideas for gifts from me, but I would also like s...


Store Brand Verses Name Brand

S.M. asks from Philadelphia

I have noticed such a difference in price when comparing name brand diapers and toiletries to store brand items. I have even seen Breck baby toiletries at the dollar...


6 Week Old Diagnosed with RSV

C.H. asks from Bangor

My 6 week old was just diagnosed with RSV. I've heard this is common in infants and young children. Does anyone have any experiences or suggestions ? Thank-you !


My 2 Yr Old Waking Every Night

H.J. asks from Stationed Overseas

Hi-I have a beautiful 2 yr old and am 5 months pregnant with our 2nd baby girl. We moved from europe in June(husband is military). My daughter was 18 months then and ...


HELP, My Husband Is Driving Me Crazy!

M.M. asks from Peoria

What do you do when you have a husband who turns into a hermit crab? Get him a shell?? We use to do all kinds of things together. There was very rarely a moment wh...


Question About Your Significant Other...

L.P. asks from Pittsburgh

What is your significant other's best quality? (non-physical qualities, please!)



D.H. asks from Houston

I am trying to lose the weight after my son was born, but am having a problem. I work 12 to 13 hours a day and by the time I get home and spend time with my son, fee...


My Sons Last Year at Home! :( Entering the Military.

S.S. asks from Lansing

I am a little emotional as I am writing this! My son, who is a senior has recently signed up to join the military. We are supportive of his decision. It has been his ...


Answering That One Question Any Hates to Be Asked...

T.Z. asks from Pittsburgh

My 3 year old son came home from daycare and asked me about his dad. I always told my son his dad name and things like that. But the other day he came home and said "...