Living on their Own: Infant

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Living Will

M.G. asks from Dallas

My husand and I have been talking for over three years about creating our living will -- mainly for our son (and now for this one). The cost is one of the biggest th...


Living Abroad

J.G. asks from Chicago

Since my husband is Irish, I've contemplated living in England or Ireland or something like that, but hubby came home from work yesterday and asked me how I felt abou...


Living with the Inlaws

E.E. asks from Grand Rapids

ok ladies,well does anyone have advice on to handle living "with the inlaws",because of job cuts and everything my hubby and i and kids are have to live with his mom ...


Living with Parents

F.G. asks from San Antonio

My husband and I are currently SHARING an apartment with my parents. we all moved in together at the SAME TIME. We pay HALF of EVERYTHING. we are ON the LEASE as we...


Living with a Hypochondriac...

M.L. asks from Houston

My mom will be staying with us for a month. Problem is, she is a hypochondriac (fakes or percieves illnesses, she's not lcinically diagnosed as one, but she still fak...


What Do You Do for a Living?

J.K. asks from Cleveland

Just a fun question: What do you do for a living? Even for those women out there that are SAHM-what, if anything, did you do for a living before children were in the...


Living Together, Marriage, What Order?

V.E. asks from Lansing

I know I have old values for couples, no living together before marriage, marriage first and then children. But, the couples today have different values, living toge...


Living Together but Not Married

A.G. asks from Boston

Just curious. How many moms and dads are on here that are living with someone but are not married? Is the person your child's dad or mom? Do you have children of your...


Older Son Living at Home

S.M. asks from Houston

How do I get a 27 year old son motivated to get a job and get out on his own? Please don't say "kick him out". That is what I usually hear. He has no job, no money...


Horrible Living Situation

H.B. asks from Seattle

Myself, my husband, and my 6 month old son are currently living with my mother and stepfather. We moved in with them so that I could be a stay at home mom and we cou...