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Desitin Makes Her Scream

A.B. asks from Pittsburgh

My daughter (7 mos) is on an antibiotic that the doc told me would probably give her diarrhea...well it did and now her little bottom is all red. I put desitin creamy...


Looking for a Shampoo for My Toddler with Ezcema

G.V. asks from Buffalo

My 24 month old daughter was diagnosed with ezcema about 9 months ago. She gets a rash on her face, which doesn't itch her at all. Her rear end and head itch her pr...


Excema = Allergy?

E. asks from Detroit

Does Excema ALWAYS mean there is an allergy? My son is 6 months old and has had bad excema since about 2 months. Under my ped's advice, I use Cortisone and Aquaphor, ...


Baby Eczema

S.P. asks from Fort Collins

My 10 month old has eczema and is pretty much controlled except for on his hands and wrists. Right now it is so bad, he scratches his nuckles on everything because t...


Help for Eczema??

B.T. asks from Dallas

My daughter is 2-yrs-old and has horrible eczema! We have tried everything from aquaphor to crisco...literally. The poor baby bites at her feet because they itch so...



R.C. asks from Phoenix

My son has eczema, but since he started crawling he has developed dry, scaly patches on the front of his ankles. Sometimes the area will ooze a little bit too. I ha...



M.M. asks from San Francisco

Hi! I have a 13 month old and he's had eczema since he was a few months old. The doctors recommend to keep the skin hydrated with petroleum jelly or aquaphor ointme...


Seeking Proven Eczema Solution for 6 Month Old

N.S. asks from Washington DC

My 6 month old daughter has developed a terrible case of eczema over her arms, legs, trunk, and face. She is usually in good spirits, but scratches all day. I have ...


Terrible Ezcema

S.K. asks from Chicago

My 4 year old daughter has bad ezcema but is in a study at Children's through which we get great medication that helps with her skin. My two year old son also has hor...


1 Year Old with Severe Eczema and Food Allergies-Any Suggestions

L.D. asks from Detroit

I have a 1 year old son with severe eczema. He is allergic to milk, wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, strawberries, bananas, pineapples, grapes, polyester,acrylic, and who ...