Living on their Own: Adult Child

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Adult Child Living at Home

T.T. asks from Dallas

To pay rent or not to pay rent. That is the question. In brief: had to quit college due to no money. Is 23. Has decided to work as a waiter instead of putting fort...


Adult Child Living at Home - What to Do?

E.B. asks from Denver

My daughter is 21. She lives at home. She is a slob. Her room is horrible. She doesn't put things away. She rarely does laundry. It doesn't seem to bother her in...


Adult Child and His Family Living with Us........ and It Is Not Working!

S.M. asks from Lawton

I am hoping to get some good constructive criticism without nasty opinions........ Our situation started with good intentions. My husband and his son (from previo...


Adult Child with Bipolar Living at Home with Parents

N.D. asks from New York

My 28 yr old daughter has come back to live with us due to job loss. She has anxiety, depression/bipolar disorder. She hastes living with us because we think there s...


Curfew for 18 Year Old Son Living at Home

T.B. asks from Los Angeles

What is a an appropriate curfew for an 18 yr old son living at home? My son says their should be no problem with him staying out till 3am, cause i know where he's a...


Mom May Need Other Living Arrangements

R.D. asks from San Antonio

We found out recently that my mother is going blind. To our dismay, her Dr. will not allow surgery due to her diabetes. She doesn't drive after 3pm and after my hus...


38 Year Old Brother Living with Us

J.P. asks from Tucson

So I'm 2 years younger than my brother, and I've been his fall back for as long as I can remember. Background - Married, have 14 y/o daughter. Hubby and I both wo...


How to Deal with an 18 Year Old Living at Home

L.G. asks from San Francisco

Hello mamas. I really need some advice on how to go about handling my daughter who is 18 and living at home. She is a responsible person who has a part-time job, ha...


18 Year Old Daughter

A.M. asks from Columbus

Hi, My 18 year old daughter is sleeping overnight with a boyfriend. I have told her that this is not acceptable to me and that it is definetly not ladylike. She t...


Seeking Advice from Moms with Adult Children Living at Home

M.P. asks from New York

I wonder if there are other Moms out there who have their adult children living with them (mid to late 20s in age), and said child not working and going to college fu...