Living at Home

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Taking an "Adult" Child on Vacation? Yes, No, They Help Pay???

3.B. asks from Cleveland

Long story short we have shared parenting of my oldest. But he spends most time there as we have rules and expectations here and he doesn't like that lol But I do NOT ...


Adjusting to Step-mom's Existence

K.S. asks from Reno

My ex husband is now living with his partner. They have had a long distance relationship for some time and she just recently moved in with him. My six year old now t...


Should I Keep My Mouth Shut About My Mother in Law?

T.M. asks from Houston

I have been married to my husband for 4 yrs. We are a young couple who are still trying to get established. My husband works but I stay home with my kids. My husband h...


17 Year Old "Step" Son Wants to Run Away

S.R. asks from Madison

My boyfriend and I are struggling with his son. HE will graduate this year but won't be 18 till this fall. He doesn't know what he wants to do for a career, doesn't ha...


Advice on How to Get Help for Depression

A.M. asks from Peoria

I'm not sure on how to go about talking to my doctor about depression. But I've gotta do something soon. After I had my first daughter almost three years ago, I didn...


.18 Year Old Daughter

M.M. asks from Tallahassee

I got home to find my daughter had packed all her things. I asked what is going on, she said she was moving in with her dad. (We have been divorced 8 yrs.). I asked wh...


Shocking Statistics

S.T. asks from Kansas City

regarding child abduction: *every 40 SECONDS a child is abducted or reported missing in the US *•In 80 percent of abductions by strangers, the first contact be...


Over Night Prom Party on the Beach

P.S. asks from Houston

My son wants to go to a beach house after prom for an all night party with 15 other boys and girls without any adult supervision. He is being pressured by his girlfri...


20 Yrs Old Daughter. Need Advice.

T.E. asks from New York

My 20 yr old daughter went to live with her Dad at age 12 and back with me at age 15. I didn't know the girl that came back to my home. I have spent the last five yrs ...


Question for Parents That Both Work Full Time or Single Parents..

A.H. asks from Canton

How do you find time to get the house cleanded? We both work full time and want the house to be clean but there isn't any time. When we get off, we pick the kids up, m...