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My Baby Girl Wants a Bra.

L.N. asks from Grand Forks

I don't know how to start this, but here goes... Last weekend my daughter and I were out shopping and she was looking through a clearnce rack and she found a bra an...


Disney Trip to FL-3 and 1-Seeking Many Answers....

M.C. asks from Minneapolis

My girls are 3 and 1 and I'll soon be a S.A.H.M due to a relocation. I want to take my severance and give my family a 4 or 5 or 6 day trip. I could wait until the y...


Birthday Games

S.L. asks from Tampa

What is a good game for birthday parties for 6 year old girls


Younger Sibling Wants in on Her Sister's Playdates

R.B. asks from Washington DC

I have 2 daughters, ages 7 and 4. I am seeking advice on how to balance my older child's desire to have her friend(s) to herself during a playdate/sleepover, and my ...


Would 5 NIGHTS and 6 DAYS Be Enough for Disney World?

B.L. asks from Dallas

My dh and I can't decide how long we should book our trip to DW for!! There are 7 of us going - us, my parents and our 3 dd's..they will be 5yrs, 2 yrs and 11 mont...


Really? No One Asked This Yet Today?!

R.D. asks from Richmond

It's been Halloween all day, and not once have I seen anyone ask: What is your family dressing up as for Halloween? Do you and your husband dress up too? What are ...


How to Make the Most of Our Florida Disnesy Fun

J.S. asks from Chicago

Looking for information and advice tips on how to save money and the best places to stay for a fun family adventure at Disney in Florida. We were thinking of June, b...


How Much Did You Spend on Halloween Costume?

N.S. asks from Chicago

For the past 3 years my SD's mom has bought the Halloween costume. This year she's trick or treating with us so we bought the costume. I just about DIED when I saw...


I Was Never Meant to Be a Stay-at-home Mom

A.S. asks from Dallas

How do stay-at-home moms do it? Ok let me be more specific because that was vague. How do stay at home moms not go stir crazy day after day? My situation: My h...


Giving up the Pacifier

N.L. asks from Kalamazoo

I wanted to know if anyone has some advise on how to get rid of my 3yr olds pacifier? I could use some good ideas, we are thinking of doing it pretty soon. Thanks N.