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Juice & Water???

N.C. asks from Portland

My daughter is now 6 months old, and she has no problem with any solid foods I've fed her thus far.... I've seen many moms give their babies bottles of water, juice/...


Half Juice... Half Water

K.M. asks from Laredo

My DS is four, ever since he started drinking juice I have cut it half jucie half water. Now that he is getting older and having play dates I have had a couple of mo...


Looking for Alternative Liquids for 21 Month

A.F. asks from Miami

My son is 21 months and I'm still breast-feeding. I want to start weaning him, but he's allergic to dairy, almond, soy, rice, corn, peanuts, etc.. What other liquid...


15-Month-old REFUSES ALL LIQUIDS from EVERY BOTTLE & CUP Known to Man! HELP!

H.B. asks from Iowa City

My 15-month-old is driving me batty. He transitioned from breastmilk to whole milk at 13 months. At first, things went OK aside from the fact that at the transition...


Water Consumption

G.S. asks from New York

At 5 months old how much water do you give and how often??? thanks for your help...


I Am the Evil Anti-juice Mom

E.S. asks from New York

Yes, another food war between me and hubby, this one over liquids. It has been documented that juice has no nutritional value, even the "all natural" kinds. Kids a...


6 Month Old Spits up Liquids but Not Solids!

C.L. asks from Athens

My son was a preemie and has been on thick formula and oatmeal or breast milk and oatmeal since he was one month old. The doctors said it was acid reflux and that wou...


When Do You Limit Fluids at Night?

D.H. asks from Philadelphia

I am in the beginning stages of potty training. Gabby is 22 months and i've reduced her milk to roughly 16 ounces a day with the last 8 ounces after dinner. She was d...


Juice vs Milk

J. asks from Oklahoma City

my daughter is 14 mo and i can not get her to drink milk or water. i have tried choc milk and stra milk. i have tried warming it and just cold. i know how important i...


Baby Juice?

C. asks from Houston

At what age do you start babies on juice?