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"Juice Monster"

L.M. asks from Los Angeles

Hi there, my 22 mo. old daughter asks for juice all of the time, which is always watered down. Sometimes I think she asks for it even when she's hungry. I switch of...



J.E. asks from Dallas

I have started my son on solids over a month ago. It seems that after he eats solids he is thirsty (or I would assume that he is). I hate to give him a bottle w/mor...


Limiting Liquids

R.P. asks from Chicago

My three year old daughter is one of the worst eaters I have even known. She never wants to eat a thing I suggest. I have tried everything I could think of. All sh...


Question About Juice

M.B. asks from Milwaukee

I have just read an article about toddler obesity. It states that you should not give your child more than 4 oz. of juice a day. My son is a big boy, but although h...


Juice Question

L. asks from Dallas

I recently started giving my 7 month old small amounts of apple or white grape juice. (he drinks water also but it is harder to get him to take that) I am told not to...


When Can I Give My Baby Water or Juice?

W.R. asks from Jacksonville

My daughter turns 6 months this week and I am introducing her to cereal and soon we'll start on stage 1 foods. When should I start giving her water or juice? How mu...


My 6 Month Old Won't Drink Water or Juice.

K.G. asks from Harrisburg

I'm trying to get my son used to drinking out of a sippy cup and drinking juice and water. (I've read its best to take the bottle away by 1 yr.) I've tried to give hi...



E.N. asks from Chicago

My 10 month-old has absolutely no interest in drinking water. I've tried putting it in a bottle and sippy cup with no luck. She literally laughs at me! She plays with...


More Water, Less Juice?

M.S. asks from Bloomington

my toddlers (ages 1 and 3) love juice and milk. i have a hard time getting them to drink enough water. a lot of the time i don't have any juice in the fridge, so it's...


Juice Pros and Cons

A.R. asks from Chicago

My doctor says no juice (for my almost 12-month old) due to sugar and the fact that real fruits are best. My husband has not talked to our doctor but wants to know wh...