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Getting Fluids Down

T.M. asks from Portland

Hi mamas, My neice is 10 months and has caught the rotavirus. She was hospitalized for a few days but came home today. She won't take any fluids. My sister is desper...


Transitioning from Nuby Sippy Cup to Hard Spout

R.B. asks from Salt Lake City

My son(11.5 months) has used a Nuby sippy cup since he was 6 months old to drink water and juice. He holds them well and loves to drink from them. I have been a bit d...


When Can I Give My Baby Water or Juice?

W.R. asks from Jacksonville

My daughter turns 6 months this week and I am introducing her to cereal and soon we'll start on stage 1 foods. When should I start giving her water or juice? How mu...


My 6 Month Old Won't Drink Water or Juice.

K.G. asks from Harrisburg

I'm trying to get my son used to drinking out of a sippy cup and drinking juice and water. (I've read its best to take the bottle away by 1 yr.) I've tried to give hi...



E.N. asks from Chicago

My 10 month-old has absolutely no interest in drinking water. I've tried putting it in a bottle and sippy cup with no luck. She literally laughs at me! She plays with...


Juice & Water???

N.C. asks from Portland

My daughter is now 6 months old, and she has no problem with any solid foods I've fed her thus far.... I've seen many moms give their babies bottles of water, juice/...


When to Start on Juice...

J.G. asks from Canton

I was wondering when you started your infant on juice. Mine will be 7 months this week. I heard to water it down. What kind do you buy? I saw they have a toddler ...


NUBY feeder...i Cant Get It to Work, or Find Any Help! I Am Trying to Use the Nu

J.A. asks from Nashville

i am trying to use the Nuby 2oz bottle cereal feeder, and i cant get it to work. i put the cereal in, push the bottom up to get air out, and my baby sucks and suck an...


Infant Won't Take Liquids from Cup

R.P. asks from Grand Rapids

Our son will turn 1 next week (soooooo exciting!). I have been breastfeeding him since he was born. He took a bottle really easily from about two weeks of age on and ...


7 Month Old Doesn't like Juice?

R.O. asks from Tucson

We just started practicing using a sippy cup with our 7 month old daughter. She has been able to hold her own bottle since 4 months so she is fine with a sippy cup bu...