Limiting Sweets & Sugar: Preschooler

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Cutting Sugar Out of 4 Year Old's Diet

M.H. asks from Dallas

My daughter has been having some issues with getting cavities and everytime I take her to the dentist, he tells me it's because of sugar getting in between her teeth ...


Why No Sugar with Babies and Toddlers?

J.G. asks from Chicago

My baby -just 9 months- is loving trying new foods. I'm trying to come up with some easy finger foods, and I was thinking I'd make banana bread. With my first kid, I...


How Much Is Too Much Candy on Halloween?

S.E. asks from New York

With Halloween around the corner I always struggle with how much candy to let the little ones devour after all the excitement of the night, and seeing all the great s...


MIL A Candy Pusher

S.C. asks from Phoenix

Let me start by saying that my MIL and I generally get along very well. There were a few hick-ups when the kids were younger and we were all adjusting to our new role...


How Often Do Your Children Eat Candy?

N.V. asks from Dallas

I am a mother to 3 girls ages 13, 11 and 8 and was wondering how often you let your kids eat candy? My daughters have been eating candy whenever they want and I thin...


Controlling Candy Intake

M.N. asks from Washington DC

I need suggestions on how to help control my children's fixation on candy. We eat very healthy and have always had candy tucked away; however my children seem to hav...


Ideas for Low/no Sugar Diet

A.O. asks from Sherman

Any ideas for low to no processed sugar foods for 4 year old son.


Tips on Getting My Child off of Sugar

J.C. asks from Roanoke

Hi, Moms, I'm thinking of taking my child off of sugar for a week. She is 3 YO and she has always been wild. I know people say it's just the age, but she seems wil...


Finger Foods with Out Sugar

A.J. asks from Minneapolis

My husband will not allow any kind of sugar in our sons diet unless it is natural, and that can only be in the fruit that he is eating. He will not allow fruit juice...


What Is Your Opinion on White Sugar...

R.S. asks from Chicago

It seems there are a few different schools of thought on consuming refined sugar... A. It's toxic for the body and should be avoided B. Everything in moderation C....