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Is This Relationship Worth Giving up Everything I Want?? *Clarified Version*

J.F. asks from Lima

My fiancee and I have been together for a little over 2 years. Up until recently, everything was going extremely well. I am getting closer to finishing school, and wa...


What Is Life like with Older Teens and a Baby?

M.A. asks from New York

I was't planning on getting pregnant in April of this year, but I did and I had a miscarriage several weeks ago. Since we were so excited about the pregnancy, we were...


Age, Pregnancy and Life..

C.O. asks from Washington DC many of you know I have a 25 year old daughter...this is NOT about my daughter - however, just a general question as I just learned something that really ...


Boyfriend Seeking to Plan Out Our Life Without My Input.

B.D. asks from Seattle

I just found out that I am pregnant with my second child. My boyfriend and I have been doing our best to adapt to the unexpected news. We were talking and I jokingly ...


What Are the Best Decisions You Have Made So Far in Life?

M.W. asks from San Francisco

We have been talking to the kids lately about choices and consequences in life. Consequences from a choice can be good or is just an effect from a choice ma...


Relationship Struggles

K.H. asks from Madison

Hello everyone, I currently have a 6 week old baby girl (who I love to death), but ever since she came home my relationship with my fiance has struggled. He seems ve...


FACEBOOK - Life Threatening Necessity or Scourge of the Earth?

S.E. asks from La Crosse

O.K. I will state that I am very aware that I am in a VERY SMALL minority, here, when I say I find many social networking sites creepy and dangerous. Do not get me ...


Anyone an Only Child or Have an Only Child (By Life Happenstance or by Choice?)

L.C. asks from Chicago

I am a single woman on an adoption waiting list for a baby girl. I'm 47 and after much heartbreak of not meeting Mr. Right five years ago I decided to become a parent...



L.L. asks from Redding

With one kidney are you still able to get pregnant if so how long does it take



J.J. asks from New York

Ok so call me crazy, but i am currently 10weeks preg and went to the hospital at 9weeks because i had light bleeding with (tmi) 1clot they determined the baby heart h...