Life & Relationships: The First Years

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Relationship Advice

A.G. asks from Dallas

My husband and I have been going through such a hard time since the beginning of our marriage. We have tried everything to fix our relationship, but it seems that no...


Relationship and Pregnancies

S.S. asks from Binghamton

Hello Mommas and some Daddies, I have an issue I have been struggling with. I am planning on taking the plunge into the dating world after a 7 years(roughly) hiat...


The Worst Year of My Life...

M.L. asks from Phoenix

Except for the birth of my newest addition 2008 has been the worst year of my life...I feel as if my life is falling apart... My family and I have had a really rot...


Difficult Time in life..Help!

J.V. asks from San Francisco

Hi What do I do to get over this situation in my married life?? somedays I just feel like walking out of this whole situation.We have just been married for 3 years...


Is This Relationship Worth Giving up Everything I Want?? *Clarified Version*

J.F. asks from Lima

My fiancee and I have been together for a little over 2 years. Up until recently, everything was going extremely well. I am getting closer to finishing school, and wa...


What Are the Best Decisions You Have Made So Far in Life?

M.W. asks from San Francisco

We have been talking to the kids lately about choices and consequences in life. Consequences from a choice can be good or is just an effect from a choice ma...


Anyone an Only Child or Have an Only Child (By Life Happenstance or by Choice?)

L.C. asks from Chicago

I am a single woman on an adoption waiting list for a baby girl. I'm 47 and after much heartbreak of not meeting Mr. Right five years ago I decided to become a parent...


Good Books on Pregnancy - Suggestions?

K.F. asks from San Francisco

Hi Ladies, I am on the lookout for some good reading material on pregnancy. This is my first pregnancy, and I am not convinced that What To Expect... is the end-al...


Pregnancy Book Recommendations

F.K. asks from San Francisco

I am currently planning for my upcoming pregnancy and want to know of any good book recommendations related to pregnancy, besides "What to Expect When You're Expectin...


Best Pregnancy and Baby Book

S.S. asks from San Francisco

Hi moms, What are the books you thought were helpful to prepare you for/during your pregnancy, and when you had your baby? Many thanks!