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Pregnancy and Paxil

V.C. asks from Los Angeles

Hello Moms, I have to come back to you again since I trust this group more than anything else. As you know from my previous requests I suffer from Panic attacks, I...


What Should I Expect from Pregnancy

S.G. asks from Chicago

Hi moms, I'm about five months pregnant with my first child. It was an unexpected pregnancy but I am thrilled to be having a child. I'm not so much worried about th...


How to Deal with My Pregnant 17 Year Old Daughter

G.M. asks from Tampa

I found out several weeks ago that my just 17 year old daughter is pregnant. I am having a really hard time dealing with this. She doesn't seem to understand how bi...


Seeking Help on Dealing with Teenage Girl Relationship with Boys

M.S. asks from Chicago

I have a 12 year old daughter who has been on the internet pretending to be older than what she really is. she uses graphic language to describe how she will interact...


What Is Life like with Older Teens and a Baby?

M.A. asks from New York

I was't planning on getting pregnant in April of this year, but I did and I had a miscarriage several weeks ago. Since we were so excited about the pregnancy, we were...


16 Year Old with Severe Issues During Her Period

R.G. asks from San Antonio

Just wanted to get a feel fo rwhat you 16 year old has had her period since the 5th grade (11 years old). It was never really a problem until this year & l...


Need Help with My 15 Year Old Daughter

T.S. asks from Stockton

Over the weekend we found out that my 15 year old daughter stold a diamond ring and necklace from her good friend. I am crushed that she did this and have no idea how...


FACEBOOK - Life Threatening Necessity or Scourge of the Earth?

S.E. asks from La Crosse

O.K. I will state that I am very aware that I am in a VERY SMALL minority, here, when I say I find many social networking sites creepy and dangerous. Do not get me ...


Birth Control for My 16 Year Old Daughter.

V.M. asks from Jacksonville

My daughter just turned 16 years old on april 24th. Today she came to me asking while havent I talked to her about birth control. I told her that I figured it could w...


Healthy Pregnancy After a Chromosomal Defect Pregnancy

J.K. asks from Houston

In June my husband and I discovered that I am pregnant with our 3rd child. Although this pregnancy was very much a surprise( I was on the pill) we were wanting more ...