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Unmotivated 16 Year Old

My 16 year old daughter is very smart, but is very unmotivated to complete her school work, therefor seems to be running a C average in almost everything. I speak to her teachers who say she 'drifts off' in class. She often gets zeros for homework she 'does not feel like doing'. I realize a C average is not the end of the world, but I know she is capable of more and would like her to be able to go to college. I have taken away privliges, offered incentives, etc, and she says she will do better, and may for a very short time, then its back...

Finding Out Sex

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To Find Out the Gender or Not?

I am 5 1/2 months pregnant with our second child. With our first child, we learned the gender with an early US. This time around, I thought it would be nice to be surprised but my husband wanted to know now. So, he found out and I remained in suspense. Now, I am about ready to cave. I know it would be a nice surprise on the day of delivery, but it would also be nice to plan accordingly for the new baby. Also, I do feel like a bonded more with my first child knowing that I was carrying a boy - I would imagine what he would look like,...


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Advice on 15 Year Old Daughter

Hello - I need advice on what to do in a situation regarding my 15 year old daughter. She has been sneeking around behind my back to talk to and to see a boy that her dad and I have already told her we didn't want her to have any contact with anymore. The times that she sees him are few and far between because he lives about 30 minutes away but she has started talking to him recently on her cell phone and online. I have started taking her phone from her when she comes home from school because he will call her around midnight/1:00am and...

Preparing Dad

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Words of Wisdom--1st Pregnancy

Well, I'm officially joining the ranks with the rest of you--I'm pregnant!!! My husband and I are excited, we've been trying for a few months, and this is our first. But alas, I need to draw some wisdom and encouragement from you. While I'm so excited, I also feel a little ambiguous and nervous. I'm only 5-6 weeks, but I am wondering how the heck I am going to go through this? The changes in my body, the labor, the adjustment to a's all so overwhelming at this point, and frankly, I'm terrified. I think part of me didn't...


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My 14 Year Old Daughter Has a 16 Year Old Boyfriend.

I have a very mature and responsible freshman daughter who has been "dating" a 16 1/2 year old junior. She sees him at school and talks to him on the phone. I have let her go to the mall on a weekend afternoon with him and he has been over the house 1 time. I have talked to her about sex and feelings and everything in between. So far she is showing me that I can trust her. Is it wrong to let her hang out with him at the mall, see a movie or just have him come over for a few hours (supervised)? I feel as though I am keeping my eyes...

Sharing the News

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15 Year Old Having Sex

My cousin has a 15 year old stepsister who has been living with my cousin's mother since the age of 8 or 9. The stepsister's mother had her at the age of 15. The stepsister has been having sex for about a year now, and she asked my cousin to take her to the clinic to get birth control pills. My cousin told her she would, but only if tells her mother. The stepsister doesn't want to tell her mother because she is afraid she will take the pills away. My cousin asked me what she should do. I think she should get her the pills and go with her...

Working while Pregnant

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My 16 Year Old

I have a 16 year old daughter who is very smart, but she doesn't do her work at school. She has always just gotten by. This bothers me, because I try to excel in whatever I do, but she just accepts mediocrity and I don't believe she tries hard. I just got her progress report and she is not passing any classes. I don't think she's into drugs. She could probably be having sex because I can't monitor her every move, but she does have to be in the house by 9 week day and week end. Her father and I just put her on punishment for the bad...


16 Year Old Daughter

My daughter has just turned 16 in September. She is for the most part a...