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Anyone Take Singulair While Breastfeeding?

I was prescribed singulair along with some inhaled asthma meds. I've been taking the inhalers for years, but my asthma is really bad right now. I'm breastfeeding a 20 month old, but only in the morning and at night. I take the med in the morning after he feeds, then he goes like 10 hours before he gets milk again. I was told it was safe, but now I've read conflicting things so of course I get nervous. Anyone know what Thomas Hale says? I don't have his book. Thanks.


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Behavior Issues and Allergy Meds

Hello, I was wondering if anyone had any experience or insight on Allergy medicine and children's behavior. My son will be 8 in 3 weeks and has been on allergy meds for about 4 years now. He started out on Zyrtec and 2 years ago Singulair was added. He also needs a nebulizer, as needed, for a couple days in the Spring. He is borderline asthma. He has been on Allegra (taken off Zyrtec) for the past year and is still on the Singulair. I heard that there are reports of children having behavior issues when on certain allergy meds. I also...

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Questions About Medicine and Prenatal Care for Getting Pregnant.

Just curious if anyone out there has Asthma and what they did before they started getting pregnant. I am currently taking an allergy pill and Symbicort inhaler to control my Chronic Asthma which is triggered easily. These two medicines combined I do well and it keeps the Asthma under control. While trying to get pregnant and during pregnancy what is the best way to stay Asthma controlled and not worry about the baby?

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Your Opinions on Singulair

I have a 5 yr old daughter who gets a wicked cough a few times a year. This past trip to the ped he suggested we start her on 4 mg of Singulair. My husband is asthmatic and the ped feels that there is a possibility that she may be diagnosed later in life with asthma. She is considered at risk because she has had upper respiratory issues a few times this past winter. My question is that I've heard both good and bad about this medication and I am just concerned. Most of the issues involve behavioral outbursts and children becoming more...