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Diabetes in Pregnancy

L.B. asks from Denver

A little history...both of my kids were conceived using Clomid. We tried for many moons to have both without any assistance, but we were blessed to get pregnant pret...


I Am Having Twins

K.H. asks from Missoula

I am wondering if I could have some advice and insights as to experiences with having twins. Things are going well in the pregnancy, but to hear from other Moms would...


Parenting Question for Those with Children Who Are Close in Age

S.S. asks from Port St. Lucie

Let me set the stage for you: I am a mother of 3 toddlers. The oldest is 3 and a half, next almost 3, and the youngest is 2. They are a handful. I was so lucky and s...


I Want to Lose Weight!

T.C. asks from Dallas

I want to lose weight! My son just turned one and I am still at least 20lbs from my pregnancy weight. I am very frustrated cause I was always the girl who could eat...


How to Get My Brain to Shut-Up and Let Me SLEEP!

J.B. asks from Laredo

I've never really been a good sleeper anyway, but now I'm 11 weeks pregnant with my 3rd child and sooo stinkin' tired. Between the already achy body, frequent pee tr...


I Don’t Know If I’m Pregnant or Not but Can’t Test

M.C. asks from Norfolk

Ion July 3rd I had sex with my partner and it was with a comdom. But two weeks later o states to feel funny. Like my Brest were so tender and sore and my stomge hurt ...


Serious Midback Pain!

M.C. asks from Louisville

I'm not sure if this is related to my last pregnancy (my baby is 3 months old) at all or toting my little girl around but I'm gettin very sick of waking up in the mid...


Expecting Our First Baby, Need ALL Sorts of Help!

K.L. asks from San Diego

My husband and I are expecting our first baby at the end of January. I just feel at lost for what to expect about anything and everything. We are so exciting about ...


Memory Foam Mattress Topper

S.K. asks from Dallas

Hey moms, Anyone have experience with memory foam mattress toppers? I've had back pain on and off since my first pregnancy. We had one of those mattresses th...


Help to Stop Smoking

J.D. asks from Detroit

I really really need some advice on how to quit smoking. I have 2 kids and quit both times I was pregnant and waited to start up until after breast- feeding. So I kno...