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Relationship Question

V.D. asks from Dubuque

I have read a lot of requests about when the female in the relationship has no sex drive but how about when its the Male. I am 30 my husband is 43. He just has no i...


Not Happy in Relationship

H.M. asks from Cleveland

I'm a first time mom of a 9 month old little girl, who pretty much makes my world go round. Her father and I have been dating for about 3 years now,we met at a not so...


Relationship Advice

A.G. asks from Dallas

My husband and I have been going through such a hard time since the beginning of our marriage. We have tried everything to fix our relationship, but it seems that no...


Relationship and Pregnancies

S.S. asks from Binghamton

Hello Mommas and some Daddies, I have an issue I have been struggling with. I am planning on taking the plunge into the dating world after a 7 years(roughly) hiat...


Is This a Normal Relationship?

S.B. asks from Dallas

Moms, I need your help. My husband and I have been married for nearly 3 years. Before our marriage, we lived apart for a few years into the relationship, so our i...


Relationship Question

S.L. asks from Philadelphia

I am having some trouble with my bf. We have been together almost 6 yrs. He works overnight driving a cab. ABout 6 weeks ago when I woke up at 7am he wasn't home. ...


The Beauty Experiment - Would You Do This?

C.O. asks from Washington DC

There was a woman today on Good Morning America that went one year without wearing makeup. She wanted to find out "what a man would do" - deodorant, MAYBE some gel, n...


Life Lessons

L.D. asks from Las Vegas

Maybe it is because I had a birthday last week but I've been thinking a lot about the life lessons that I have had so far. They all seem so powerful but mundate. I'...


Career or Baby

T.K. asks from Columbus

I'm 25 years old and getting ready to finish college. My husband is several years older than me and we've been together for 4 years. I know that I'm young, but I've h...



S.K. asks from Austin

i had a pregnancy test and was told that im 3 1/2 weeks pregnant so i went to the doctor 3 weeks later for the check up and was told that i was never pregnant. i dont...