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5 Month Old Breastfed Baby, Sleep Issues, Formula and Miracle Blanket

I think I may have a unique problem that is a combination of breastfeeding, swaddling, sleep, and sanity... My 5 month old daughter Isabella was never a great sleeper. She cluster fed from the beginning and if it wasn't for the pump I think I would have either given up breastfeeding or jumped off a bridge! A friend of mine highly recommended the miracle blanket which is sort of like a baby straightjacket. It worked in extending her sleep by an hour or two (when she only slept a couple of hours, it was very helpful) and it became...


Infant Sleep Advice

I have a sweet newborn. he is my second baby. The first had all kinds of...

Finding Out Sex

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What Is the Best Baby Shower Present You Have Ever Received??

I'm looking for something personal and adorable to give to a good friend for her first. Just wondering what is the best gift you have received for your baby shower. Thanks! Edit: Some of you ladies are driving me nuts! Why are you assuming I'm not getting anything from the registy? So to clarify the big gift is from the registry in addition to this. One reply was esp crabby in this regard. You know who you are. Go get some sugar or something to cheer you up. Jeez.


What Do I Need??

Hi all, I'm a first time mom to be, expecting a baby boy in 5 weeks and...