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Baby Carrier Recommendations

I just asked a question about helpful hints for when baby number 2 arrives and someone that responded kindly mentioned a baby sling to help out. I think this is an awesome idea and actually meant to ask this a while back but lo and behold pregnancy brain kicked in and I forgot =) When we were shopping for baby items for my first we bought a Moby sling (the large and long stretchy piece of fabric that can be tied many ways) and I HATED it. It was in my opinion the biggest waste of $60. I found it very hard to tie to where if felt...

Finding Out Sex

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Conidering Buying a Baby Back Carrier and Not Sure What to Get

I have a wonderful, loving 11 month old little boy that is well over 26 pounds. He is cruising, but not yet walking. He's getting a lot of floor time and does a great job entertaining himself. I have a sling that I love and use it around the house when I'm needing to go downstairs to do laundry, etc., need to get things done outside or he is just needing some extra Mommy time and I simply can't sit and cuddle, but he is getting so big that I think a back carrier would be better at this point. I could 'wear' him around the house and have two...