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Delivering in 3 Weeks & Have a 14 Mo. Old at Home

So.....I have a quick questions to all of the Mommies who have their kiddos pretty close together. I'm due to deliver my second child at the end of this month and I currently have a 14 month old at home (he will be 15 months old when I deliver). I'm getting really nervous as to how exactly I will be able to be a great Mom to both little ones. I'm having my second C-section and as many of you know, the recovery is pretty rough and limiting, especially with my surgeries being so close together. Austin, my 14 month old, is off the bottle...

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Gift Ideas for Second Child/greatest New Baby Products

Hi, We're throwing a shower for a co-worker who is having her second child and having a hard time thinking of things she might need/want. She doesn't know the gender, and her first child is now 2 years old. My first thought was something that wasn't on the market when her first was born -- maybe the Bumbo chair (not sure how long that's been on the market). Or perhaps something she can use with both kids? We're looking for items under $100. Any suggestions? Thanks! K.