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L.R. asks from Portland

My son has eczema really badly. He has been tested and turned up positive for a number of food and environmental things, which I have been avoiding (in my diet) and t...



S.N. asks from Los Angeles

do you know of anything I can give me 7 month old for this. doctors have given me all kinds of medicine and nothing seems to work. My daughters skin peels and then i...


Help with Baby Itch Relief -Eczema

M.T. asks from San Francisco

My 3-month old has eczema. The Dr. just told me to put an over the counter eucerin on the affected area but now he's starting to scratch and rub any suggestions for w...


Is Okay to Not Bathe Child Every Day?

T.S. asks from New York

I had a routine with my 1 year old daughter at night time which consisted of a bath, bottle and then i would rock her to sleep. We took her to the doctors for her 1 ...


Son W/ Eczema

F.G. asks from Salinas

Hey everyone. I have a 4 year old who has had eczema ever since he was a baby. It comes and goes. Usually really bad in the winter. Right now it is the worst it's...


Dry/cracked Skin on Feet- Any Suggestions?

S.P. asks from Chicago

Hello, I know this has nothing to do with being a mom, but I have extremely dry and cracked skin on the heels of my feet. It's so bad I might have to go to a dermat...


Possible Link with Chromosome Inversion and Eczema?

G.P. asks from Boston

I had amnios done when I was pregnant with my last 2 kids and both have an inverted chromosome 9. We were told that this chromosome anomaly is clinically insignifican...


Extremely Itchy Everywhere!

J.J. asks from San Angelo

So I do have eczema, and am on Allegra D and have Triamcinolone to put on, but it isn't working. I am so itchy and so dry that even my nipples are flaking and I don'...


Exzema/dry Skin on My 22 Month Old

L.S. asks from Seattle

my daughter has dry skin all over. Drier patches on her elbows and the back of her arms, her thighs and calves. She scratches her tummy and her upper and lower back...


Dry Skin

B.G. asks from Reno

Hi Everyone. My 19 mo. old daughter and I are having a problem with really dry skin. We have hard water and are planning to get a water softener but would like to kn...