Legal Trouble

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The Trouble with names...and Also Custody

A.M. asks from Grand Rapids

my 3 yr old currently has a hyphenated last name (mine then her bio dad)and it is quite extensive. see, once upon a time we were going to get married and then i had a...


Trouble with "Crazy" Landlady

C.N. asks from Buffalo

I'm looking for some advice on how to handle our landlady. We have rented a house from her for nearly 2 years and have found that it's impossible to talk to her! Ou...


How Would You Handle Getting in Trouble at work....FOR THIS

A.S. asks from Reading

theres a group of us at work that joke around play small jokes on each other basically horse play to get us through the day. we change each other back grounds on the ...


Having Trouble with Potty Accidents

M.F. asks from St. Louis

I was just needing some advice for my 3 1/2 yr old stepdaughter and her frequent occurance of "accidents" and how to speak to her father about my concerns. She has a...


Older Disabled Mom Needs Legal Advice, DMV, Order of Suspension/Revocation

F.M. asks from Sacramento

I became disabled w/ depression and fibromyalgia in 2000and have been on disability since then. I take 7 scrips/day including 1 for insomnia Medco didn't send my ...


Touchy Subject ... Trouble with the "S-donor" ...

M.S. asks from Kansas City

During my pregnancy, the "s-donor" disappeared. Towards the end of my pregnancy, he contacted me. He’s decided he wants to be a part of things … but it’s on H...


10 Years Old and Headed for Trouble.

M.W. asks from Clarksville

My 10 year old son is having alot of problems in school. He is bright but does not apply himself. He is making inappropriate comments in school and on the bus. Dont k...


The Trouble with My Husband's career...or Lack Thereof

J.P. asks from Los Angeles

I deleted this because hurtful remarks are NOT helpful. I think Mamapedia is supposed to be a site where women SUPPORTand HELP and ENCOURAGE each other. If you don...


2 1/2 Year Old and Trouble Sleeping

G.R. asks from Dallas

My 2 1/2 yr old grandson does not sleep all night. Never has since birth. We have a set routine each night (dinner, a nice warm bath, quiet bit of play and then night...


Niece Trouble - Respecting Sis's Parenting vs Offering Help

J.S. asks from Columbia

My niece, 14, has been having a running conflict with her mom, my sister. Niece tells me that she wants to live with her dad, and that mom threatened to send her to ...