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Is This Legal for My Employer to Do? Just Curious If Anyone Knows.

R.L. asks from Detroit

I work for a large company where there are always internal job postings for different departments and positions. Currently my department will not allow anyone to appl...


Is This Even Legal??? (Warning, May Be Upsetting to Some)

S.L. asks from San Francisco

Well I know I value your advice, ladies, when I turn to you BEFORE calling my mom! Any input is appreciated. Last night my husband and I were having dinner at our ...


Legal Action (Need Answer ASAP Emergency)

B.S. asks from Milwaukee

Just a question I thought I ask since I havent lived in the US for very long. I just moved to Sheboygan Wisconsin 8 month ago from the Middle east where I was born a...


Seeking Legal Advice Re: Fair Treatment in the Workplace

K.K. asks from Detroit

Hi -- I'm looking for legal advice regarding fair treatment in the workplace. I work in a large company, on a team where we have 90% women, 10% men. Many of the wom...


Anyone Know Anything About Legal Rights After Buying a House???

R.U. asks from Boston

I have already contacted a Lawyer, who basically said we have no rights, But want to know if I should call another one. So here is the situation, My husband and I rel...


When in Trouble Daughter Cries for Grandma

J.L. asks from Los Angeles

My 2 year old daughter has currently started to act out and when I try to disipline her she will cry for her Grandma. My Mother-in-law lives with us and babies her l...


I Gave Sole Physical and Legal Custody to the Dad and Step Mom Is Taking Over

A.B. asks from Chicago

Two years ago I gave up sole physical and legal custody to my kids father because I wanted to join the military and I needed time to get myself together and he was go...


Should We Obtain Legal Representation?

R.M. asks from Washington DC

My daughter, 16, was suspended from school yesterday. I am requesting a hearing with the school board to appeal/fight the decision. My question is, for those who ha...


Legal Advie NEEDED

A.Y. asks from Fresno

Ok long story short, I met my now boyfriend on facebook. I live in CA he lived in NJ. He has a soon to be (sept) 4 year old and an ex wife. Prior to leaving NJ him...


Marriage Legal Issues

M.D. asks from San Francisco

This is for my friend(she in CA),she has 5 yr old girl, the husband past 5 yrs did not give them a penny (only paid the mortgage),she manages thru her savings from wo...