Legal Trouble: The First Years

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Marriage in Trouble

A.G. asks from Spartanburg

Im a 21 year old mother of two (8 weeks and 2 years old) married to my high school sweetheart for 2 years after being together for 4. Now i dont even know why i feel ...


Friend Being "Blacklisted" on Daycare's in Her Area, Legal Way to Stop It?

M.P. asks from Minneapolis

I had posted a while back about my friends baby being abused in her daycare. There was an investigation. They determined that it was accidental, but not reported corr...


Trouble Disciplining a 17 Year Old

J.A. asks from Minneapolis

My daughter has always been an exceptionally bright girl. She was in high performance classes at school and would panic if she was getting anything lower than an 'A'...


Parenting/Custody Plans

R.Z. asks from Portland

I am the mother of 2 boys ages 1 and 3. For the past 2 years I have been the primary custodian. The father had every other weekend and Wednesday nights. We are now in...


Divorce Help.... Please

B.F. asks from Birmingham

OK any divorced moms out there????? I have no idea about this stuff - because, obviously, I never planned on getting one (a divorce) However, I am there now. I h...


Swallowing Your Pride

L.M. asks from Chicago

Ok... please don't think I'm a total witch after reading this. You all have been so helpful and offered so many different perspectives over the years, I've really us...


5 Year Old Son Possible Aspergers

S.A. asks from Tulsa

My son was recently evaluated by a psychologist due to some bizarre behavior. He has been kicked out of almost all of the daycares that he has ever attended. He canno...


Seeking Advice on What to Do. Please HELP

J.A. asks from Sherman

Hi, I have a son that is 6 and is in the 1st grade. We have only been in school 3 weeks, and Im already having problems. My son is a slow worker. He tries to do hi...


Seeking Moms' Advice

K.W. asks from Los Angeles

I would appreciate advice on dealing with a custody related issue. My question(s): (1) Suggestions for introducing minor children to their parents' dates? (2) How se...


Conflicted and Looking for Some "Mom Advice" (Long Post)

T.B. asks from Dallas

I have a 7 year old son I have been having some problems with. I remember him having trouble with uncontrollable fits around 2 years old. I took him to his pedi. and...