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WANTED: Singing Puppets That Entertain!

Alrighty so my son has just began to enter the tv stage. Right now he'll watch tv as long as..... they're puppet (barney, babybop etc.) that sing.. lots of singing is important.. so my problem is that i am absolutely sick of barney lol. Anyone know any other singing puppet (not really sure what they're called) and the wiggles is out for some reason he takes no interest in it at all. PLEEEEASE someone give me an idea.


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Good Birthday Present for a 7 Year Old Girl?

My neice will be 7 this weekend. She is a very imaginative little girl - likes to play pretend and dress up. She is a girly girl for sure - not really into outdoors or sports related things. Already has everything Disney / princess related. I would like to get something unique that others wouldn't think of - either related to pretend play or arts/crafts or ? If you have a 7 or 8 year old daughter what things do they like to play with? Thanks!!

Playing with Others

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Almost 9-Year Old Flying Alone!

Today we received notice from my almost 9 year old Bio-MOMs new attorney (4 in 18-months) stating that we needed to address ‘spring break’ and essentially needed to put her on a plane. Our court order states that Bio-Mom has visitation coming up, which we are not contesting in any way... We have tried and tried to talk to Mom – even had her call the counselor (whom ended the conversation by saying “I’m hanging up now, please call back when you can talk to me without yelling”) its Bio-MOM way or NO WAY. So my husband and I have...


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6 Year Old Daughter /1St Grade / New Classmate.

hello, second week of school new classmate at school who tells my daughter she doesnt want sit right next to my daughter or trade stickers or share snacks with my child:( at todays pick up my daughter told me her new friend is not speaking nice to her and its hurting her feelings. it breaks my heart....but i keep on telling my daughter "to still be nice at all times, maybe your new friend will come around" i understand last week the new friend had few warnings from the teacher already. What bothers me when a six year child has so much...