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How Should I Learn to Do Baby Signing?

D.W. asks from Boise

I was wondering if anyone has bought a baby signing book, and if they found it helpful. What book(s) would you recommend? Should I buy it or just check it out from th...


Fun Learning Activities for Preschooler

A.W. asks from Biloxi

My daughter is very smart... Im constantly doing different learning activities with her but im running out of ideals... We are currently using a workbook called every...


Activities for Infants

C.M. asks from Dallas

I am seeking some fun ideas for activities to do with my 8 month old daughter. Any suggestions????


Infant Swimming Classes in Chicago

A.P. asks from Chicago

Hi Moms, My son is 6 months old and I would like him to get exposed to the pool. Do you know of any good yet resonable infant swimming classes in Chicago?


Infant Music Classes

J.W. asks from Austin

I would love to enroll my son in an infant music class. I've checked Kindermusik's website, and all the classes I can find are scheduled during weekdays. Kudos to a...


Infant Carriers/strollers

J.B. asks from Chicago

Hi, Im expecting twins and not sure about the whole infant carriers or strollers or strollers w/ out infant carriers attached. What should I buy? Whats the best out ...


Infant Seats/swings

K.S. asks from Houston

Hi All, I am wondering if I need an infant seat, swing, or bouncer. Which ones and which kind? Thanks!!


Infant CPR

A. asks from Dallas

I am expecting baby #2 in February and I would love to find a infant CPR class in my area. I live in Southlake.


Infant Cpr Classes?

P.R. asks from Grand Rapids

Has any one every went to a class to learn infant CPR. My daughter is just learning to eat table food and I get so nervous that I havent officially been taught and I ...


Summer Activities

J.B. asks from St. Louis

What activities do your children do during the summer? I have a 5 yr old, 3 yr old, & baby. My 5 yr old is already asking to take swim classes.