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Activities for Toddlers?

My kids are three and 15 months. I need to plan some activities for them to do. My house is small so nothing messy and I really dont have ant ideas for the kids. We have alot of free time in the afternoon and we really dont do anything. The tv is always on and I want it OFF!!!!! So if anyone has advise on what would be fun to try that would be great.


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Lessons for 4 Yr Old to Prep for Kindergarten

This school year my 4 yr old son will be home, so I want to try to homeschool him. I was wondering if anyone has done this and how. Also, do any of you have suggestions on lesson plans and scheduling his day? I am not sure what he needs to know or be able to do for Kindergarten next year. We decided to keep him out of preschool this year because he was so sick at the last place that cost an arm and a leg and we are on many waiting lists currently. We figured to just teach our son ourselves, but I am just not sure where or how to start. I...


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Traveling for the First Time with Baby

Hey there. My husband and I are taking our baby on a five hour plane trip in April (she'll be 10 months then). We've opted to buy a seat for her instead of holding her on our lap. Do any of you have other travel tips to help make this trip somewhat painless? We'll be out of town and on a wonky schedule for 10 days, any tips for that?

Playing with Others

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Seeking Advice from Mom's Who've Recently Flown W/ an Infant

I will be flying next week for the first time with my 10 month old daughter. Luckily it's a short flight - Dallas to Kansas City. Has anyone flown since all the new restrictions with a baby? Any advice or extra things I should be aware of? Besides that, any tips and tricks from others who've flown with a very mobile baby would be appreciated.


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I Need a Holiday Craft That Will Interest 3Rd Grade BOYS

Hi everyone, I've tried looking for inexpensive holiday craft ideas online that will INTEREST the boys in my daughter's 3rd grade class, but I haven't found "it". So... can you help me out by sharing an idea? (I teach Girl Scouts/Brownies and the girls are always SO happy to do a craft, but I think the boys don't seem to be as interested once they hit this grade. My 8 yr. old son does, but I've asked his friends if they would like to make a craft while they are at my house and the answer is always NO! (Even if I think the...


Skipping a Grade

My son is in second grade, and he is advanced in math and reading at a 5th...