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Baby Einstein Dvd's

I received several Baby Einstein DVD's as shower gifts. A friend recently told me that she read an article that Baby Einstein DVD's are not recommended. She couldn't remember why. Do you have any experience with the DVD's? Thanks!


Baby Einstein Videos

Just wanted opinions on the Baby Einstein Videos. It is my understanding...


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Activities W/ Infant

Hi everyone, iam a 1st time mom & my daughter is 6mths old. Wanted 2 know what activities I should b ingagin her in?? I put her on the floor & she's rollin over on both sides & sittin on her own but still needs a little support. I let her watch cartoon twice a day 4 20mins (which allows me 2 eat & get some things done). Is tht bad?? Any suggestions of anything else I can do w/ a 6mth old??


Your Baby Can Read

While trying to find something to watch on TV last Saturday night, my...