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A Good but Inexpensive Foundation for Adult Acne

Hey mommas! I am a 31 year old SAHM mom. I currently use Arbonne foundation and Aveeno clear complexion face wash and moisturizer. I am running out of my Arbonne foundation and wonder if anyone has a suggestion for an over the counter foundation that is not $30+ dollars. I LOVE the Arbonne stuff and it has been the only foundation that I found to not break me out, but I am really needed to crimp our budget. I will buy Arbonne if necessary but I would like to find something cheaper and locally. Any suggestions?


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Baby/Infant Eczema

Hello Mom's, My boy is almost 8 months old. We noticed over a month or so ago that his back was getting prickly, thought it was a heat rash. After it not going away I took him to the Ped and they said it was eczema. Gave me a sample tube of Elidel and sent me home. That was a few weeks ago. It did not go away. Went back Wednesday and I requested another Ped look at him. It has now spread to his belly a little and the back of his arms. They have a dermatologist there and she said it is eczema. Suggested Eucerin (sp?) lotion and prescribed a...


Skin Reactions

I have a 4 year old girl with sensitive skin. I thought that she was having...


Baby Lotion

Do any of you know of a good baby lotion for my 14 month old? She has very...


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My 16 week old baby has had bad eczema for about 7 or 8 weeks and I cannot keep it under control. I have tried many different ointments (aquafour, aveeno, vaseline, hydrocortisone, etc) per the advice of my doctors and modified my diet and started to take a probiotic since I am breastfeeding. Nothing seems to help although some days are better than others. I am very suspicious that he has food allergies because some days his skin will look great and then during his feeding, it will start to become red and bumpy. Peanuts definitely make...


Dog Loosing Hair?

Hi Moms, I'm hoping that someone out there is a vet or has knowledge of dogs...


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Really Itchy Skin

My 21 month old son has really itchy legs. Soon as I take his pants off to change his diaper he scratches them. I have tried Cetaphil, Aveeno Daily Moisturizer, GoatsMilk lotion (and prob. others) I only bathe him every 3 days. I use Baby Aveeno Moisturizing bath for his skin and hair. Has anyone found lotions that work for dry skin? (I do not feel this is an allergy b/c this has occured since the weather got cool)


Diaper Rash

I have a 2 year old who has very sensitive skin. Whenever he has a cough w/...


Cradle Cap Remedies?

My 2.5 month old has terrible cradle cap and now has icky crusty patches on...

Playing with Others

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Hi moms, I am struggling with super dry skin for both my almost two year old & myself. I'm hoping someone can recommend some good lotions to use. I have tried most of the "obvious" ones-Aveeno, Cetaphil, Huggies & Johnson brands-most of what you can buy at Target-I do not want to spend a lot-espicially without being able to return it if it does not work. Any advice appreciated! Thanks so much!! Kristin



I have a ten month old whom I believe may have eczema...Here's a little...


Newborn Essentials?

Hello Ladies, Because I am on bedrest, I cannot make it out to the stores...


Dog Loosing Hair?

Hi Moms, I'm hoping that someone out there is a vet or has knowledge of dogs...


My Sons Principal

~I do not live in Beverly Hills, I'm in Calgary AB Canada- its the only zip...


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Kid with Not-so-severe Allergy Being Separated at School Lunch

A little background: when my son was a year old he got hives around his mouth after eating a bunch of French toast. I gave him Benadryl and washed him off...he was fine in 20 minutes. I took him to an allergist and my son tested positive for eggs, peanuts, and tree nuts. At 2 yrs old, the allergist ordered a blood test, which came back negative for everything. I was thrilled...thought he could start eating those items. Nope. Allergist said blood test really just says he is likely to grow out of the allergies or that they aren't that severe....


Diaper Rash

I have a 2 year old who has very sensitive skin. Whenever he has a cough w/...