Lactation Consultant

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Seeking a Lactation Consaltant near Peoria

J.V. asks from Phoenix

I had problems breasting feeding my 1st daughter and gave up when she was 3 months old. Now I am having similar issues with my second daughter 2 weeks old. I want to ...


Want to Become a Postpartum Doula/Lactation Consultant

R.B. asks from Grand Forks

I want to become a Postpartum Doula/Lactation consultant so badly.... but had my children by Cesarean and was unable to BF due to lack of supply. I of course fought ...


Lactation Question

A.T. asks from Dallas

I have had problems with numerous miscarriages both before and after our daughter was born. We have been trying for another child for a little over a year now and hav...


Lactation Questions

K.F. asks from Portland

My Milk was pouring out of me on Friday and since Sunday my output is less than half of what it was. I am trying to increase my fluids so I am not dehidrated but is t...


Lactation Problems

A.M. asks from Boise

I was wondering if anybody has any idea's of what will help me boost up my milk supply? I feel as if I don't have enough for my daughter and I have been having to sup...


Lactation After Weaning

T.C. asks from St. Louis

I weaned my one year old two months ago from breastfeeding. I gradually weaned her and am not engorged, but I am still producing milk. Is this normal? Should I seek p...


Breastfeeding & Lactation

P.K. asks from Detroit

I'm very frustrated with breastfeeding. I never had issues with any of the boys; however, I remember supplementing with them. For whatever reason (maybe because she...


Breastfeeding & Lactation

K.Z. asks from San Francisco

my 7 month old son still refuses the bottle. he waits for me to come home and by then is starving. i can't leave him for longer then 4 hours and i was planning to go ...


Lactation Certification Questions

T.D. asks from Springfield

any one do it? how much does it cost? is it hard? do i need to have any proper schooling beforehand? i had a minute to briefly look at the ibclc website but didn...


Friend Has Newborn, Trouble with Lactation

P.W. asks from York

Hi, I have a friend in New Zealand that wrote and said she was having trouble in that she was "drying up". She has an infant son. She was given medication, damper...