Labor & Delivery

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Pggy Back Question About Having Moms and Mils in the Labor and Delivery Room...

T.M. asks from Redding

My mom has 4 sisters. When my female cousins delivered they invited (their moms also insisted) to be in the room with the baby's dad while they delivered some of the...


Induced Labor

E.Z. asks from Indianapolis

Hello Everyone I know some of you must have gone through the experience of induced labor. There is a chance that this could be my option according to my OB. So I was...


Did You Go into Labor on Your Own?

M.. asks from St. Louis

Just curious. I have never went into labor on my own. I was induced with my first and had a c-section with my 2nd. I am working on my third and just wondering how...



E.P. asks from Allentown

What is a yellowish greenish color mucus that is coming out? ON top of this am 3cm dilated when would I go into labor?


Anyone on Anti-depressants/anti-anxiety Meds During Labor & Delivery???

M.H. asks from Kansas City

I am currently on an anti-depressant for anxiety/panic. My psychiatrist wants to take me off of it about a month prior to my due date. Well, I didn't think anything...


Labor Links

C.E. asks from Las Cruces

Hello, I have about a month left til I am due with my second baby. I didn't take a childbirth class with my first and didn't enroll in time for this one. My husband...


Recent Experience with Presbyterian Allen (For Labor and Delivery)?

S.B. asks from Dallas

Just wondering if anyone has an opinion on Presbyterian Allen for Labor and Delivery based on a RECENT experience? I've been looking on the Q&A boards but most answer...


Labor Pain

F.W. asks from Cumberland

With my first child I skipped drugs for pain relief and had a pretty easy labor (6 hours from the point I recognized the pains as labor pains) With my second (39 wee...


Who Knows If I'm in Labor???? NOT ME!!

S.G. asks from Dallas

Second verse same as the first! Ready to have baby #2 any day now. Pre/ False Labor is as confusing as it was w/ #1!!!Starting to dilate, efface, etc. Contractions th...


Fast Labor

J.L. asks from Flagstaff

My frist labor was very fast and very painful. I am expecting a new little blessing this novemeber. No one I know had a labor that went as fast as my frist one a whol...