Labor & Delivery: Weight Watchers

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Weight Watchers and Planning Meals

If any of you have been successful following the Weight Watchers plan, how have you planned your meals? I think I need to plan what I am eating for dinner first so I know how many points to spread throughout the day. Have you looked at a recipe and gone line by line figuring out points or do you try to pick dinners from a Weight Watchers cookbook? I thought the latter was a good idea; the points are already figured out for you. Also how do you make 26 points work for you? I am a big breakfast eater but with the other two meals and...

Complicated Labor

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Need to Loose Weight! Help!

Hi ladies! I need to loose some weight. Looking to loose 30-50 lbs. I am starting to walk every night for at least 30 min, goin to try a hour most nights. My husband and kids do lots of bike rides during summer, at leat 3-5 days a week on average, and go around 8-14 miles along a green belt that runs along Boise river :) My question is, I know I over eat, I LOVE FOOD! I am hating the extra weight I am carring around, and am over weight. To be healthy for me and my kids, I need to loose weight asap. What have any of you ladies done to help...


An Only Child

I am curious what you moms think about having an only child? We had our...

Home Birth

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Weight Watchers??? Yes or No???

I have recently started weight watchers 4 days ago but from home. I won't be attending any of the meetings and I'll do my own weighing in. I only just purchased this offline. My question is have any of you mothers tried this at all and had success or rather, maybe not had success. Thank you.


Where to Birth

My original plan was to birth at home. I've changed my mind for a few...


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Third Pregnancy-wanting to Eat Healthier

Hello Moms, my husband and I are preparing for baby number three. We have a one and two year old and just found out baby number three will B. here in April. On my other two pregnancies I gained too much weight! I want some ideas on how to make this one a very healthy pregnancy.