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17 Year Old Who Quit School

I have a 17 year old son and I also have a 15 year old son and a 10 year old daughter. Last month my 17 year decided he no longer wants to go to school--"and I can't make him go". He does not work, but says he is looking for a job. He sleeps till around 11 every day doesn't do anything around the house and makes sure he is gone before I get home from work. Basically he sleeps here, takes a shower and communicates with his friends. He stays out all weekend and rarely tells me where he is. I want to send him to his dad's--he says he...


17 Year Old Nanny

My daughter babysat 3 children last summer and they asked her to do it again...


Going into Labor

I am having my first baby. I went to the doctors office about 3 days ago and...

Home Birth

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My 16 Year Old

I have a 16 year old daughter who is very smart, but she doesn't do her work at school. She has always just gotten by. This bothers me, because I try to excel in whatever I do, but she just accepts mediocrity and I don't believe she tries hard. I just got her progress report and she is not passing any classes. I don't think she's into drugs. She could probably be having sex because I can't monitor her every move, but she does have to be in the house by 9 week day and week end. Her father and I just put her on punishment for the bad...


16 Year Old Daughter

My daughter has just turned 16 in September. She is for the most part a...

Midwives & Doulas

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Wanting to Become a Doula...

I've been interested in going back to school to become a nurse, and some day a midwife. Well, the timing isn't right for me to return to school, so I thought of the next best option for me. Does anyone in the Dayton area know where I can take classes to become a Doula? I'm very fascinated with the child birth experience, and even plan on having my own doula when I attempt a VBAC. I wasn't able to have the natural childbirth with my first, and ended up with a c-section. My dream is to help other women achieve a drug free delivery, as...



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Hi, ladies, I know this question has been asked, but in reverse. I'm...



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Going into Labor

I am having my first baby. I went to the doctors office about 3 days ago and thats when my doctor cheaked me and said i was three centimeters and said I was softening. My doctor told me she expected my baby to be here within a week! I am now eighteen and im almost 38 weeks. Im going crazy waiting for my baby to get here! Every day i expect here to come but i just dont understand why I havnt had contractions or went into labor. Idont really understand what dialating is and why i havnt anymore that i know of besides the three centimeters the...

Water Birth

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15 Year Old Son Hates I Believe Him or Let It Slide?

Hi. I am so down today. I always knew it was "normal" for a 15 year old son not to like his parents, but it hurt me so badly today when he said it out loud. He told his Dad right in front of me that everything I do irritates him, and he only tolerates me. It started when he came in the house looking for a chip for a camera that Dad asked him to get. When he said "Where it it?" I said "I don't know what you're talking about." When I saw it in his hand, I said "that's it, isn't it?" I asked him to go out and ask Dad if that's what he...


Advice on 15 Year Old

I have recently found out my 15 y/o has gone behind my back to date a 17 y/o...