Labor & Delivery: Singulair

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Usage of Singulair on a 12 Months Old

Last weekend my one year old baby had to be taken to the hospital because he was having trouble breathing and was wheezing/dry coughing. He had to stay overnite in the hospital, was given respiratory treatments with Zopenex and an oral stereoid (Oralpred). Today I had to take him to the Pediatrician for follow-up and he's prescribing Singulair to be used for a few weeks, maybe even through the winter season to prevent another episode. My son was diagnosed with RSV when he was 3-months old last December, but have not had any other asthma...

Home Birth

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4 Year Old Son with Allergies/asthma

My 4 year old son was recently diagosed with allergies associated with asthma. He gets a persistant cough this time of year and in the fall. The cough sometimes causes him to vomit. He has had allergies since he was a baby, however, the asthma part of this is new to me. I feel uneasy about it because he seems to be on lots of medication now. We have a nebulizer and he inhales albuterol twice daily. He also has nasonex, zyrtec and singulair. Zyrtec was the most effective, but now doesn't seem to work as well--this is when he was given...


Where to Birth

My original plan was to birth at home. I've changed my mind for a few...