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Mother in Law Demanding to Be in Delivery Room During Baby's Birth

J.H. asks from Seattle

Hi fellow mommas! This is a 2 part question, so here it goes: I am expecting baby #3 right before Thanksgiving. My in laws have never really been involved in our kid...


Crib Recalls & Recommendations

M.M. asks from New York

Just found out our Ellis Simplicity crib has been recalled. The manufact. is out of business. We have to take the thing back to Target and receive a refund, credit or...


Seeking Medical Advice

W.R. asks from Houston

Hi I am the mom of two girls, very difficult pregnancies and births. One weighed 3lbs and we both almost died, the other weighed more but my delivery was tramatic. I ...


Girl Names

A.A. asks from Nashville

I am 5 months pregnant and me and my husband have decided not to find out what we are having until delivery. So i need boy and girl names picked out. I already have o...


Venting, Stressed & Just Want to Be a Good Mother.

J.F. asks from San Francisco

This is probably more of a vent than a question, or perhaps I'm simply looking for someone to say, "It's ok." The last 5 years of my life have been a bit drama filled...


Help with New Crib Suggestions

M.B. asks from Kansas City

We are looking to get a new crib for our little girl that will be born later this year. There are SO many options and I just wanted some real opinions from mothers i...


Xmas Card Wording

F.B. asks from New York

Mamas & papas Prepping our Christmas cards and need help with the wording is it tacky to say merry Christmas and happy new year over a pic of our son and on the re...


Looking for a New Vacuum Recommendation

S.H. asks from Detroit

Our vacuum has died and I'm in need of a new one. There's so many out there and I figure moms know best! lol I definitely want a bag vacuum and we don't have any pe...


Keurig or Tassimo

T.G. asks from Philadelphia

I was thinking o getting a keurig or tassimo coffie maker. I like lattes the best. I do enjoy a good cup of coffie. The reason I was thinking of getting one is that...


How Much Would You Pay to Have a Dress Made by a Family Member?

R.D. asks from Richmond

My aunt is *amazing* when it comes to making dresses. She made my cousin's gorgeous wedding gown, and offered to make mine... but I had already bought one (she didn't...