Labor & Delivery: Princess

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How Did Your Labor Start?

TOTALLY out of curiosity: How did your labor start? For example, did you begin to dilate and then X amount of time later go into labor? Did your water break before or after you began to dilate? How long were you in early labor before you went into active and then transitional labor? And so on and so forth... (Alright, I'll be honest. I have a girlfriend who "has dropped" and begun to dilate. I am flippin' out of my mind excited! Her little lady will be here soon(ish?)! So, I want to hear your stories! We're all different and...

Home Birth

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Princess Party Ideas

Hi everyone, We are throwing my daughter a princess themed party for her 4th birthday. Sounds like a lot of fun, but I have two planning challenges: 1) I am not particularly creative or crafty 2) She knows more princes than prinesses. We have about 6 kids coming so far ranging in ages of 20 months to 5 years old (I'm totally fine with a small group of kids as i am sure she will, too). I have a few ideas so far for the two hour party. Here is the tentative party agenda so far: *coloring pages and crayons available as people/kids...


Where to Birth

My original plan was to birth at home. I've changed my mind for a few...


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Princess Tea Party

Hi Moms, I'm in need of tea cups for my little girl's party on Saturday. I've shopped around everywhere and I didn't think tea cups would be this hard to locate. I've searched Goodwill and I didn't have any luck. I don't want anything to expensive b/c the tea cups will be use by 3-4yr olds. I know this is last minute...creative ideas in place of tea cups are welcomed too. TIA!


37Weeks and Ready

I am a little past 37 weeks pregnant. I am so ready for my lil man to be...

Water Birth

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Too Much Princess?

My parents watch my 2 year old two days a week and are great with her. They have more than just a occasional grandparent role in her life and have a big influence on her. No offense to anyone, but my husband and I don't like princess and all things girly for her. She certainly wears pink and has dolls, but we also expose her to Curious George, Elmo, sports etc. We just don't love princess as a role model. My parents are over the top on all things princess, dance, frilly, etc and it is starting to annoy us. She came home with 2 princess...


Need a Princess

Recently, my boys started school, my little one is in preschool and the...