Labor & Delivery: Preschooler

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Homeschooling a 3 Year Old

Any advice on starting a cuuriculum for my 3 year old. I'm a SAHM and our budget is slim, right now I can't afford to get him into half day preschool. The least expensive I've found is $95 a week. So I've been seriously thinking of homeschooling him. What advice, websites and curriculum can be beneficial and easy to teach. Thanks moms

Complicated Labor

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2Nd Labor Experience?

I am due in 6 weeks and curious what other mamas second labor was like. I realize everyone's experiences are very different but I'd love any tips. I have a 3 year old. I worry about not making it to the hospital for the epidural, water breaking at work etc. My first delivery went well and on-time. Thanks Mamas!

Home Birth

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Unruly 3 Year Old

I wrote a couple of weeks ago and i really need some advise. My 3 year old girl is completely out of control. She does not listen to anyone, she is horribly bratty, and has no regard for anyone else. When we are with other children, she will rip toys away from them, push them, and is ALWAYS the boss. But, she is the first to cry when someone else does something to her that she doesn't like. She has started talking baby talk all the time. It's not an attention thing, because I give her attention 24/7 and try very hard to be patient. ...

Midwives & Doulas

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Referrals for Home Birth Midwife - Eastern MA

Hi moms! I'm pregnant with my second child and am looking for a home-birth midwife in the Cambridge, MA area. We're particularly interested in personal referals. Thanks so much. (note: we already know about the Cambridge midwives/birth center & are connected with them through our first child. Would like to stay home with the second :)



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Is My 4 Year Old Daughter Acting Strange Because I'm Pregnant?

Little bit of my background: I was pregnant last year but the baby was born prematurely, at 24 weeks, and we lost her 20 days later. My then 3 year old daughter was very involved in my last pregnancy, she was looking forward to having little baby sister and even visited her regularly at the NICU. I am now 28 weeks pregnant with another girl, because of what we went through last time I didn't want to involve my now 4 year old girl in my pregnancy much so she doesn't get dissapointed again. She is very smart and figured out that mommys...

Water Birth

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I Have a 3 Year old...enough Said :)

OK, mainly I'm just venting, but of course would love any ideas, input, etc. from those who have or have had 3 year old boys. My biggest frustration is...why in the world does he have to be so difficult with me? The simplest of instruction from me becomes a big issue. "Honey, please come here so I can change your diaper"...."no" (and runs away). I am firm with him, I use positive discipline, rewards, consequences, time outs and anything else I have learned, but it just seems like EVERYTHING little thing is a battle. By noon I've had it. I...