Labor & Delivery: Older Child, Puppets

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Advice on Preterm Labor

I am not quite 34 weeks pregnant and was put on strict bedrest this afternoon after the Dr. discovered that I have dilated to a 3 and am 50% effaced. As long as I'm laying down, I don't have contractions, but the second I stand up and/or walk, I have constant contractions (although they're not painful). I've done quite a bit of research about complications the baby could experience, but I would appreciate hearing from anyone who's delivered a baby at this stage--what to expect, etc. Also, what's the likelihood that I'll be able to hold...


Looking for a Church

I haven't been to church in years but lately i've been feeling the need to...

Water Birth

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Birthday Party at Home for 9 Year Old?

I have never hosted a "kid" party. I am considering hosting a (BBQ or pizza) party at my home but am not sure about entertainment, games and I am nervous about having so many children in my back yard.(about 25 - 30) Should I hire entertainment? What kind of games are best? Should we open gifts at the party? Perhaps I should just go with the Chuckie Cheese or Boomers party, the kids seem to love that. Any advice?? Thank you


Birthday Party Idea

I am looking for ideas (other than the over-done Pump It Up) for a birthday...