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Grocery Delivery Service in Lewisville/FM/HV Area?

M.C. asks from Dallas

Are there any remaining grocery delivery services in my area(Flower Mound)? I NEED one now and it seems I can't find one. I want one like Peapod/Krogers, etc that d...


Ligament Pain

N.O. asks from Detroit

OMG I'm ready to die. My ligament pain is so bad I can barely walk or do any daily activities. I went to labor and delivery monday night because I had no idea what ...


Stripping the Membranes

N.O. asks from Detroit

My doctor wants to strip my membranes next week. I'll be 40 weeks. Ok, does this hurt? I've heard that it does. My mother in law told me it hurt worse than the la...


Need Advice on Spacing Between Kids

M.B. asks from Atlanta

I am looking for a bit of advice on spacing my kids out. I have a 5 month old and my husband and I have been talking on getting pregnant again. I hear that having y...


Group B Strep Positive and Stressed!

C.C. asks from Tampa

Hi Moms -- I'm expecting our 2nd daughter and recently tested positive for Group B Strep. My first pregnance was awesome, little to no discomfort and negative for GBS...


34 And a Half Weeks Along and Feeling So Much Pelvic Pressure

S.K. asks from Lansing

Hi everyone, I'm pretty sure that I'm just being overly concerned but I'm almost 35 weeks along in my second pregnancy. For the past week I've been feeling major p...


Breech Presentation

T.M. asks from New London

I went for an ultrasound yesterday and the baby is frank breech. I am 32 wk andmy midwife wants me to be very proactive in getting the baby to turn. I have worked ver...


Lifting/ Carrying Children While Pregnant

S.F. asks from Utica

I am currently 11 weeks pregnant with my second baby and I am a bit concerned about whether or not I could be doing any harm to my unborn baby if I continue to carry ...


Evicting Baby!

J.C. asks from Salt Lake City

I'm currently 36wks 2 days pregnant. As of next Friday- I will have been pregnant longer then anyone else in my family (we tend to go early). Next Saturday is our las...


My 2 Month Old Won't Take a Bottle Anymore

G.L. asks from Dallas

I had a little girl on the 30th of May and have been breastfeeding her since then. I am a school teacher so have had the summer off and have been breastfeeding on dem...