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Luck with Putting Yourself into Labor?

E.S. asks from Canton

ok, need to have this baby before my doc leaves town for a conference next week. He is solo in his practice and the only one in my county that even entertains the id...


What Kind of Cow Milk Do You Feed Your Tots?

T.S. asks from Champaign

Moms, I wonder what kind of cow milk you feed your kids? I heard HOrizon has a bad reputation. So, I switched to Organic Valley. I also find a local milk brand at nat...


Overdue/labor Induction

L.O. asks from Detroit

I am due to have a baby in 5 days.. to all of those women who have recently had babies, how long did your dr allow you to go overdue? aand are there any methods ...


Guilt over Son's Premature Birth

L.L. asks from Detroit

Hi ladies, I'm new to this site and in need of an honest opinion about my son's birth. My son was born a few months ago and he was born at 31 weeks and I feel lik...


Husband Looking for a Job

J.L. asks from Dayton

Hey everyone...My husband is looking for a job. Anyone know of anything that is hiring. He has a lot of security experience. Let me know. I would love to help him out...


Best Way to Shop for Household Products Online

M.S. asks from Chicago

Could you please share your secrets on online household shopping? I'm looking to save time and money and I'm considering to start to shop online for everyday items li...


Finding the Cheapest Groceries

J.V. asks from Chicago

I have always been one to shop at Trader Joes and Jewel, always making sure I save at least 20% at Jewel, shooting for 40. I usually average around 25-30. In any case...


Where to Buy the Cheapest Organic Milk

M.K. asks from Chicago

I want to switch my son to organic milk, but it is sooo expensive. He can go through about 1.5 gallons a week. I was at Whole Foods and their 365 brand was not muc...


A Good First Birthday Cake

S.M. asks from Cincinnati

I was wondering if anyone out there had a good recipe for a first birthday day cake or cupcake. My son has a sensitive stomache and still spits up after he eats. Is t...


Bounce/moonwalk Rental

N.R. asks from Detroit

Hi eveyone, I want to get a bounce/moonwalk for my small backyard for my son's birthday. I've never done this before and am wondering if anyone has any experience...