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Heartburn During Pregnancy

B.A. asks from Toledo

I'm only 3 months along and already have horrible heartburn, I know the hormones slows your digestion and that's most likely the reason. I got a prescription for Prev...


Suggestions on Daughter Who Has Hirschsprungs Disease Now Has Chronic Diarrhea

W.J. asks from Louisville

My 3 y/o daughter has hirschsprungs disease. She had corrective surgery. She now can have bowel movements but it is always diarrhea. It has been 2 years since surgery...


Just Wondering...

D.B. asks from Detroit

My SIL is going to college to be a medical assistant...She and I were were discussing my 11 month old son the other day and I said "he must be getting another tooth"....


Diaper Rash Cream Comparison

L.W. asks from Cincinnati

Hi Moms I am writing to you in hopes of finding the best diaper cream. Right now I have 4 in front of me. My baby doesnt get them(meaning diaper rashes) very often ...


Natural Remedies for Heartburn

C.C. asks from Los Angeles

Hey mamas, I will be 30 weeks along as of Wednesday and have recently developed extremely painful heartburn. My doctor gave me a prescription for a heartburn medica...


HELP! 11 Week Old Choking

J.S. asks from Grand Rapids

I have a 11 week old that i have been breast feeding. Well since she started sleeping through the night my milk supply has decreased greatly. I have been giving her...


Seeking Help with a Scalded Butt from Too Much Diarrhea

L.B. asks from Houston

Help! My 6 month old granddaughter just got out of the hospital after a terrible bout of stomach flu. She lost 1.3 lbs in 24 hrs. Now that she is better, she has the...


Severe Sickness in Second!

M.M. asks from Springfield

This is my second pregnancy, and I'm 8 weeks along today. It seems like the moment I found out, I started getting sick. I was very ill throughout my last pregnancy,...


Gallbaldder Surgery

J.Z. asks from Boston

Hi Mamas! I know I've seen posts about this before, but I couldn't find them, so here I go.... The short version of the story is that I have known for 10+ years tha...


Seeking Advice on Chronic Diaper Rash

A.Z. asks from Chicago

My son has been getting recurrent diaper rashes that are terrible! I have tried every diaper cream out there, Triple Paste, Desitin, A&D, Balmex, But Paste, Aveeno, C...