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Aarrgghh!! Heartburn!

M.R. asks from Chicago

Looking for any and all heartburn remedies! I avoid certain trigger foods and I also know that in the third trimester I can expect it to fire up again. I'll also ...


Hearburn Relief During Pregnancy

S.R. asks from Kansas City

Before I found out I was pregnant two weeks ago I was taking the generic form of Prilosec everyday. I have stopped taking that, but my heartburn/acid reflux is so, so...


Pregnancy Heartburn

L.B. asks from Dallas

My sister is experiencing indigestion for nearly a week. It makes it very difficult for her to eat nearly anything, then she feels super nauseous and weak. She can...



J.W. asks from Grand Rapids

Well I am about seven and a half months pregant with our second child and I have never had such bad heart burn. I was just wondering if there is anything stronger tha...


26 Weeks Pregnant - HUNGRY

A.N. asks from Dallas

Anyone out there at this point in their pregnancy experiencing the same? It seemed like for weeks I could eat normally and not even need extra calories. Now I'm f...


Heartburn Help

A.L. asks from Dallas

Well, I am begining my last 5 weeks of my third pregnancy and the heartburn is killing me. Last night was the second occation that it was so bad that it kept me from ...


Ulcer- Blahhh --What Helps?

A.H. asks from Denver

So I have been waking up for about a month w terrible upper andominal pains- went to dr she says she thinks I have an ulcer and need to take prevacid/ so I am but I n...


Burning Her Bottom!!!

T.D. asks from Canton

My one year old has had really bad diapers lately. It seems like once or twice a day she explodes a diaper, which I change immediately, but where ever the bm touches ...


Heartburn While Pregnant

K.M. asks from Dallas

Hi Mom's -- I am pregnant and experiencing heartburn really badly (especially at night) -- At times, its so uncomfortable I can't sleep. Anyone have any safe na...


Need Ladies with Much Wisdom About Pregnancy Issues...

J.J. asks from Houston

Hi Ladies. This is my first post as this site has been very helpful to me in the past. I am a 37 year old mother of a 17 year and I am currently 3 months pregnant (I...