Labor & Delivery: Lamaze

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Seekign Labor and Delivery Advice

C.F. asks from Ocala

Just want some support and advice. Should I bring my breast pump with me? would love to hear some amazing birth stories. Nervous and excited. Hoping to have a N...


Question About Labor, Delivery to Other Mommies with SupraventricularTachycardia

C.G. asks from San Diego

Hi there! I am 19 weeks pregnant and have Supraventricular Tachycardia. It only flairs up when I am doing strenuous activities/exercises. I have only had 2 major flai...


Future Mom Terrified of Labor and Delivery

D.V. asks from Appleton

I am wondering if anyone out there can calm my strong fear of going through childbirth. I am 36 weeks this week with my first (and probably only child... read on......


Nervous About Delivery

H.T. asks from Peoria

I am due to have my first baby, a boy, around december 15th. I am VERY nervous about Labor & Delivery. Is there any advice you can give me that will help me out. I pl...


How Was Your Delivery Nurse?

M.C. asks from Roanoke

I am a nurse in labor and delivery, and I am always curious to hear other moms' thoughts on their experiences with their nurse(s) when they gave birth. So I figured ...


Who Should Be in the Delivery Room?

A.J. asks from Dallas

I am expecting my first baby girl in November. My Mother is coming in from California to be there to see her first grandchild being born. My fiancee wants it to just ...


My First Delivery

K.F. asks from Richmond

Would you rather have an epidural during delivery? I have heard so many contradicting things, I can't decide if I would just rather grin and bare it. Also, my doctor...


Decision Making Time: Suggestions for Labor and Delivery

R.E. asks from Los Angeles

My due date is May 28, 2011 and my husband and I are trying to decide between delivering at Verdugo Hills Hospital and Huntington Hospital. Although we have horrible...


About Delivery...

L.S. asks from Orlando

Hi everyone, I am 33 weeks and getting ready for labor. Since this is my first pregnancy I have so many questions :). Do you recommend childbirth classes? what d...


Pending Labor

K.E. asks from Buffalo

Ok this is going to sound silly or even selfish, but I have to ask anyway. 3 Weeks ago I started to dialate and eface and my doctor said I was going to deliver early....