Labor & Delivery: First Response

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Uggh! My Mother Wants to Be in the Delivery Room!

M.O. asks from Chicago

My mother has once again requested to be in the delivery room to "see" her grandchild being born. We've been through this twice before - both times I said no (with m...


Could Labor Be Around the Corner?

N.0. asks from Mobile

I know I ask a ton of pregnancy questions but this pregnancy has been completely different from my first! I am 34wks. I have lost my mucus plug a few days ago.The las...


Looking for OB/GYN Recommendation in SW Suburbs

L.D. asks from Chicago

I am looking for a new OB Dr. in the SW Suburbs. Someone who will take time with you and you have had good experiences with. I am newly pregnant and my I was not ha...


Need Some Advice

N.P. asks from Salt Lake City

I am wondering if anyone has had any experience with this kind of situation. I have a friend who has been in a situation that none of us would ever want to be in. ...


OB Thinks I May Have Gallstones....

C.J. asks from Pittsburgh

I am a working mom of a beautiful 2 year old and I am expecting my second in May. Two days ago at my doctors appointment I told him about some really bad back pain I'...


What Should I Call My Doula Business?

S.D. asks from Indianapolis

I'm trying to decide what I'll name my business. Here are the top contenders: The Art of Birth (or Art of Birthing, or Birthing Art, or Birth Artistry) Dancing Bel...


Looking for a Pro-natural Ob Who's Not Extreme "organic"--First Pregnancy, Help!

J.B. asks from Provo

We just found out we're pregnant--Surprise!!! But we're excited, even if clueless. I was raised by a chiropractor so I'm pro-natural foods and things, but I'm defin...


How to Start Milk Production Earlier

A.M. asks from Dallas

With my first son, my milk didn't come in until 5 days after he was born. Because of this he was jaundiced and we had to supplement. Of course, that all messed up b...


"Low" HCG?

J.L. asks from Seattle

Hi Ladies, I'm currently pregnant with #2 (yay!!!!), but my doctor says that my HCG is low. A little background: My last period started on 3/16 and we actively t...


Sleepover Help???

A. asks from Dallas

My daughter is in the 2nd grade and will be 8 in a few months. She has had a few sleepovers with friends that I know their parents and felt comfortable with, but now...